Wednesday, 16 August 2017


I've been anticipating this day since last week. The week before we just went over the basics of orienteering. This time we actually had to use a map and navigate ourselves to the attachments. 

At first I was panicking, discouraging thoughts filled my head like 'What if I don't finish?', 'What if I read the map wrong', 'What if I come back last'. I told myself to stop worrying and just think positive.

Coincidentally me and Katrina had the same courses at the same time. We ended up being rebels and worked together even though we weren't supposed to. Oops!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Special Assembly

Today was the day we finally sing 'How Far I'll Go' in front of everyone. I was actually quite nervous. I felt my legs tremble a bit when I was on stage. Whenever there's hundreds of eyes on me I experience stage fright. I also tried to make eye contact with the crowd but I just couldn't bring myself to, so most of the time I looked at the floor. I need to improve on that.

It felt delightful to watch everyone participating even if they weren't from the Pacific Islands.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

I'm Ready For Term 3

Our two weeks holiday has sadly ended and we're back at the place we call school. I sometimes wish that our holidays were a tad bit longer. I'm no longer used to waking up at 8 am and arriving at school by 8:30 am. Sleeping early is another challenge for me, I just can't fall asleep. 

Nothing changed on the first day back, our routine was the same except we went over our expectations, duties, and rules just to remind us in case it slipped from our minds. 

This term I'm going to strive for my best, I'm going to challenge myself and be better than before.