Friday, 24 February 2017

Singing Competition

On Monday there was a singing competition! I'm not the best at singing so I didn't volunteer but Lupe and Mika did volunteer. I was really excited for this, I couldn't wait to hear their singing voices.

Things didn't really go as planned. In the beginning of the assembly Mrs Pederson walked in and said that we had a murderer amongst us. Someone killed all the caterpillars and the chrysalises. After that happened we went straight into the singing competition. 

Tyrese and Manea Rose sang for Room 9. I'm not quite sure what they sang but it was really good. Lisa and Tyra represented Room 10 and sang 'How Far I'll Go' from the movie Moana. Izabella and Tupou went up for Room 11 and they sang the same song as Room 9. Mika and Lupe had a job to do so they couldn't sing but Vaimoana ended up representing our classroom and sang 'E Otua Tataki Au'. We ended up winning because of Vaimoana's beautiful voice.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Global Girl And Duffy

On Tuesday we had our very first Duffy Show. Cool right? I was very excited for this. I always enjoy Duffy Shows. They put their time and effort into this for our enjoyment. I can see they get tired but they keep on going. There were beads of sweat on their forehead. One of them had to keep on changing their character and their appearance. How exhausting. 

The show was mostly about global warming and reading. Global Girl has dyslexia which meant that she has always had a very hard time reading and pronouncing words. Duffy ends up helping her once he finds out about her condition and together they helped change the world.

This is probably on top 5 on my list of The Best Duffy Shows! 

Friday, 10 February 2017

First Syndicate Assembly

On Tuesday we hosted a Syndicate Assembly. It was the very first one of the year. We didn't have much time to plan but we managed to sort to out a dance item so everyone could at least have some fun and not get bored.

I think the dance competiton was the highlight of the assembly. Everyone was laughing and they seemed like they were enjoying it. I for sure enjoyed it.

Manea Rose and Diego danced for Room 9, Dominic and Peni from Room 10, Teremoana and Meafou represented Room 11 and Mika, Lupe and Saluselo danced for fun. Room 10 ended up winning and I think they deserved that win!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Back At School!

We are finally back at school again and I'm a year 8 now! We started school on February the 1st which was on a Wednesday. It is also Waitangi Day on Monday and that means a three day weekend. Lucky us! 

Mr Reid and Mrs Golder started teaching together. It is a new experience for me since I've never had two teachers. It's quite exciting actually. 

On Wednesday Mrs Golder picked me to get a new Duffy book and the reason was because of my 'Who Am I?' story. Then on Friday I received a Principles Award for it. I am getting off on a great start!