Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Vector Arena

A few weeks ago a group of us went to Vector Arena. At Vector Arena we had to play this game where we had to answer all the questions on a sheet of paper and our guide would sneakily tell us the answers but we had to be listening. We went inside dressing rooms, the arena, a basketball team's dressing room and many other places. One of my favourite places was the room with alot of famous people's signatures in it. After the tour we had to go back to the basketball court for morning tea. For morning tea we had a wrap, chips, juice box and a fruit salad. I really enjoyed this! 


  1. Hi Athens i like your thank you letter to Vector Arena
    it looks very cool

  2. Hi Athens I liked the way you said the things you did at vector in order. What was your favourite dressing room?

  3. Hi Athens I like the order that you have put it in I enjoyed it. Whos your favorite artist?