Monday, 8 June 2015

The water Can Start From Any Point

water cycle image .jpg                               How Does the Water Cycle Work?

The water can start from any point, it could just rain down or it could start from a cloud. The water evaporates. Water evaporates from puddles, lakes, oceans and anywhere else where there is water. The water evaporates when the sun shines. After the water evaporates the water turns into clouds. After the water turns into clouds they join up and become bigger clouds. Then when it starts to rain the water that evaporated turns into droplets and falls down from the sky and this happens again and again until the water falls into the reservoir and then the water gets cleaned and we drink it.


  1. Hello Athens
    I like your water-cycle picture. I have also been working on my water-cycle as well. I like how you created your picture. I like your information.
    Did you create your picture on pixlr editor or sumo paint ?

    1. Bula Vinaka Sylvia
      Thanks Sylvia. I really enjoyed reading your ‘how the water cycle works’ as well. I used pixlr editor to make my drawing what did you use?