Friday, 26 August 2016

Kahurangi - People Of The Pacific

A few weeks back a group of dancers came to our school. The group's name was Kahurangi. There were five of them in total. They preformed traditional Island dances for us for example Samoan, Hawaiian and many other Island dances. They also taught us how to say hello for every different country they danced for. I enjoyed all of the dances especially the ending because Mr Sok, Quros and Saluselo had to go up and use a taiaha. They had to repeat what the man did. I was dying of laughter it was really funny!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Mini Olympics Ethiopia

This term we are having a Mini Olympic Tabloids. We were divided into sixteen groups. The teachers just spilt our dance fitness groups in half. I am in the team Ethiopia. My teammates are Sione, Riiana and Anavea. This is the slide show that we made.

Friday, 5 August 2016


This week on Monday our classroom, Room 12 hosted the senior syndicate assembly. We only had a little bit of time to organize our assembly but it went really well. It was also very long because we had 16 team captains go up and pick a country to represent our Mini Olympic Tabloids. The 16 captains didn't know which countries they were going to pick because there were a bunch of countries crumbled up in a little bucket and they had to pick from there. It was pretty entertaining to watch and also little bit dramatic because some people would uncrumble their piece of paper slowly.

First Day Back

Last week was the first week back at school. I was really excited to come back to school and see my friends but I was also very sad that we had to come back to school. The first day back I felt very weird mostly because I haven't seen my classmates and my teacher for two whole weeks! We also had an assembly and Mrs Golder picked me to receive a Duffy book. The reason was because I read in the holidays. The book is called 39 Clues - it's an investigation book and inside it there were six cards that I had to use to figure out the mystery. I really enjoyed the book!