Friday, 23 September 2016


Nearly this whole term we have been working on our skipping! 

On Thursday we performed it in front of our parents and Room 11. It was a really fun time. We had our own individual groups. Sophie, Pallas, Tyla and Meana was in my group. We came up with alot of good tricks. Most of our tricks included the long rope. My group only did a couple of acts then we stopped and just watched Heilala's group. 

One of my favourite tricks were when Aydrian did a cartwheel into the skipping rope. It was super cool, I wish I could do that! My second favourite trick was when Anavea and Maranatha did push ups inside of the skipping rope. It was an overall really good day.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Back At School Again!

It feels great to be back at school again! It's still a little weird and different because all the seniors are in different classrooms. We are in Room 8a, Room 11 is in the Music Room, Room 10 is in the library and Room 9 is in Room 4. Sadly we aren't allowed to go back into the senior block until Abestos testing is over and we have no idea when it will be finished. 

We stayed at Tamaki Primary for almost about a week. Most of the time we were making things up as we went along because we had no chromebooks or the internet. It was a really hard week but we all got through it. Hopefully when Term 4 starts everything will be back to normal. Just how it used to be before Asbestos testing started.

Friday, 2 September 2016


After fitness on a Tuesday morning my class had to go to the court to learn how to play basketball. When we arrived at the court we all sat down in a line and learnt more about basketball, for example, the height of a proper basketball hoop. 

We started off with a warm up which just consisted of us running up and down the areas that had cones. After our little warm up we started learning basketball moves. We learnt how to jump stop, protect the basketball with our arm, bend our legs, dribble and many other useful skills that we needed to know. I had such a blast learning how to play proper basketball and I'm sure the others had a blast as well.