Thursday, 2 March 2017


On Wednesday the 15th we had our very first tabloids with house colours! There were four teams altogether Whero, Kowhai, Kakariki and Kikorangi. I was in team Whero. Each team was split into 2 groups, that made 8 groups altogether. We had to get as many points as possible for our team.

One of my favourite tabloids activity was Ms Riley's one. She made three rows and three coloums with hola hoops, and had them lined up together. The point of her game was to run back and forth with a dice and put it in one of the hula hoops. The first team to get a tic-tac toe three in a row wins. My team ended up winning and we also scored 3 points from Ms Riley.

At the end of the day our team had 35 points in total, Kowhai received a winning 37 points, Kakariki tied with us and received 35 points as well and lastly Kikorangi received a sad 19 points.


  1. Hi there,
    I’m one of your buddies from the quad blogging. I really like the way you are writing about that. It’s very interesting reading it. Keep it up!

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